CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

In this tech-savvy world, everything is digital. Everything is dependent on computers and internet. It has become an extensively used method for expressing the thoughts and most importantly, feeding and sharing the data. A keyboard is an important input device which is the integral part of a computer to feed in the data. It’s very important to buy the best quality keyboard to get maximum output from it. There are a lot of keyboards available online which have various features. One of the best keyboards to buy is the CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It has various features which make it best from the rest.

CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming KeyboardIts most important feature is that it has backlit which makes the work easy. You can type even in the dark when the light is out. This feature is not available on every keyboard. The keys are lit by the rainbow LED system which makes it convenient to work. Not only this, apart from a very attractive and functional backlit, it has numerous other features which make it an ideal choice. Thetechinsider has included this as a gamers top choice.

It is a standard 104 key keyboard. It has a durable body and a good USB connectivity. The keys are responsive and have a long stroke life. It runs smoothly in almost all systems. It is also able to offer a great gaming experience through its precise and durable keys. They are smooth so there is no strain in your fingers. The backlighting is multicolor it not only helps in working in the dark but is a dream come true for real games. It has the best multicolor background light which is just perfect to set the desired environment for gaming geeks. By switching on the backlit option on the keyboard itself, you will telepath into another world. The most dependable thing the keyboard is that apart from making you give your best, it is just perfect for advanced gaming too. Due to its durability, it provides an uninterrupted gaming support and you can enjoy to the fullest. In case your fingers get tired while playing, it also gives the facility to rest your wrist with a detachable wrist rest which is a must while playing. While playing real fast, it senses you every touch and there is no risk of losing.

What we like about it

This keyboard is a perfect combo of both gaming and working. On one hand, it lets you do the work even in low light and on the other provides you a worth remembering gaming experience. Apart from this, it’s excellent durability is a bonus which makes its life longer. It is one of a kind and worth trying. Who needs a joystick if you have this keyboard by your side!


Hamilton Beach Steel Electric Kettle Review

As we all know that an electric kettle can prove to be extremely helpful for us. But choosing out the suitable one from all the available choices can really be a difficult decision to take. One of the best products that you can consider investing in is the Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle. It surely is meant to provide you the easy and fast water heating than the rest similar products on the market.


Hamilton Beach Electric KettleThis kettle is made up completely of stainless steel in order to provide you with the prolonged and durable services. This kettle is available for you in some of the color options to choose out the suitable one from. It is extremely safe to be used by any person and is the fastest method that you can use. It really is one of the best products that you can consider investing your money in. This is the wireless electric kettle and can be used without the requirement of any additional cord. To provide you with safe usage the device automatically turns off when the water reaches the boiling point. It is able to provide you the boiled water according to your purpose of usage. It has the drip-free spout to avoid any kind of the leakages that can happen. Also, the outer surface of this kettle is made of the cool touch technology. It precisely works on the Concealed heating element to offer you the best quality services, as we found out by reading the review by


  • The design of this kettle is great and made highly attractive as well.
  • It is extremely easy to be used and does not require more space to be stored.
  • It is able to offer you the large water capacity to heat large amounts of water together.
  • The device is also very easy to clean without having to put in a lot of efforts.


  • The automatic turnoff feature of this device is said to be out of service at sometimes and is not able to perform the desired operation.


The Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle surely is one of the most valuable deals that you can get. It is not the product to miss out on and will provide you the most efficient and high-quality services. You can easily purchase this unit from any of the online or the offline store as per your choice.