Political, Administrative, & Legal Systems in Austria

It is always a plus to know about different countries and their political ideals. Each country has their own way of ruling their homes. Today, Austria is our country. It is a democratic country and has nine provinces. Vienna is its capital, and this is where the supreme federal authorities make their decisions and pass laws. In 1995, Austria became a member of the European Union. There are six political parties in Austria and places to see in Vienna.

Voting & Elections

            In Austria, voting is done in private, normally with a ballot, like most countries. In Austria, there are certain officials that are voted on. Every five years the National Assembly is up for election and the citizens decide on them. There is an election for the Parliament of each province every five years as well. The Municipal Council is elected every five years too. The Federal President is voted for every six years. When you are 16 years of age, you can cast your votes.


            There are two chambers of the Austrian Parliament. These are the National Assembly and the Federal Council. The main legislative branch is the National Assembly. The Federal Government prepares legislation. The Federal Council is affiliated more with each province and its people. They are interested in the citizens and separate provinces. These are elected officials as well.

The Federal Government

            The Federal Government has many different tasks. One of them is to draw up legislation. After drawing the legislation up, they will then give it to Parliament, so it can be approved or denied. The Federal Government also conduct government business.

The Administration of Justice

In Austria, the administration of justice is done by the judges for the most part.  The judges are independent of their decision making. Court hearings are public and discussed freely. There is a court of appeal in Austria, it is called the Supreme Court. The police are considered the executive agency. In Austria ,there are four different levels of judicial authorities. These are the district courts, regional courts, higher regional courts, and the Supreme Court. There is also an Administrative Court and the Constitutional court.

            Criminal Procedures

In Austria, the criminal is given reasons as to why they are arrested. They are given a fair trial and presumed innocent until they are proven otherwise. The hearing is to be done in front of a judge and there will be a jury and a juror in this hearing. The judge is responsible for forming their opinion as to whether the criminal is guilty. If there are doubts that the criminal is guilty, then the jury can help decide or the criminal is free to go.            The judicial system is quite like the system we have in the United States. Both systems have very similar rules and regulations. Many of the concepts are comparable to our system. In Austria, the criminals are allowed to have an attorney, however, a public defender is a term we use here in the U.S.

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