André Luiz announces the support of three more candidates for the Corinthians election; Duilio embraces campaign

André Luiz Oliveira, current candidate in the presidential election of Corinthians, used their social networks to announce the formal support from three more candidates competing for the Deliberative Council. The candidate also announced the support of the current president, Duilio Monteiro Alves.

The artists Tradição Corinthiana (15), Preto no Branco (22) and Corinthians Com Respect (33) were at the meeting that confirmed their support for the situationist candidate. The three join three others that had already declared their support: Fiéis Musketeers (11), Somos Associativos (26) and Renovação & Transparência (10).

In addition to the support of these six candidates who will run for the Deliberative Council – each will have 25 members -, the current candidate also received public support from Duilio. Until then, the current Corinthian president was completely unaware of the dispute.

“Today we experienced a very special night, a night of unity in favor of our greatest passion, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. Alongside presidents Duilio Monteiro Alves and Andrés Sanchez, we sanctioned the coalition of six candidates for the candidacy Alo, President. They declared their support unconditionally to our name the 10, 11, 15, 22, 26 and 33. André Negão’s campaign is taking off, heading towards victory! I want to thank everyone who took part in this meeting, which is a true milestone in this election. I would like to name each of the illustrious Corinthians present, but there would be no space here. I also want to thank presidents Mário Gobbi and Roberto de Andrade, who were unable to attend the event, but are with us body and soul. Now let’s walk together and strong until the 25th of November, for the good of our Coringão”, wrote André Luiz Oliveira, known as André Negão.

Despite the new agglutinations, the current candidate still has fewer hats than the opposition candidate. Exclusive survey of My Timon shows that Augusto Melo will have at least eight straighteners by his side – see below.

15 straighteners already work on social media and in Parque São Jorge

6 announced support for André Luiz Oliveira

10 – Renewal & Transparency
11 – Faithful Musketeers
15 – Corinthian Tradition
22 – Black on White
26 – We are Associative
33 – Corinthians With Respect

8 announced support for Augusto Melo

05 – Corinthian Passion
30 – Strongest Corinthians
77 – Saint George
82 – Corinthians Grande Movement
83 – Values
88 – Union*
90 – Officer 90
95 – Grandstand 95

*There are members who do not agree with the decision and may not follow the group’s guidance

1 will not announce public support for any candidate

21 – Corinthian Freedom**

**The choice of presidential candidate will be individual, at the discretion of each of its 25 members

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