‘Bang the glass’, ‘clutch’, ‘Uptempo’… Unicaja’s secret dictionary to take away Real Madrid’s undefeated record | Relief

19 official matches without losing: two in the Super Cup, nine in the Endesa League and eight in the Euroleague. The twentieth time has come to be the charm for Real Madrid. And his nemesis has once again been Unicaja, the only team capable of knocking him down this season, in preseason in the Costa del Sol Tournamentand last year in the semifinals of the last Copa del Rey in Badalona.

Chus Mateo’s team won by up to 21 points in the 22nd minute of the game after a triple by Dzanan Musa (62-41). But there began the visitor’s reaction, demonstrating how difficult it is to consolidate advantages gained in the first half in today’s basketball in which teams usually play at a faster pace than in the past. And until the final whistle comes…

The Movistar+ images showed the flipchart of the Unicaja locker room at the end of the clash where some of the fundamental aspects marked to face the match appeared, including 54 of the points conceded at the well-rounded break with a NO underneath. But the main key to victory is to trust until the end and execute the game plan no matter what happens during it.

But let’s go in parts. On an offensive level, the first of the keys, Uptempo 40 minOr what is the same play with rhythm and speed throughout the game‘Regardless of the result’, emphasizing that this was the rival team’s fourth game in a week after the Euroleague doubleheader.

Physically tiring the whites, taking advantage of the good athletic ability of the people from Malaga and being more rested by not having a Basketball Champions League game this past week. They took advantage of this situation a lot at the start, with nine points on the counterattack in the first quarter, and maximized it in the last quarter, when the whites had the least gas left, as their coach recognized, with seven more points.

The second of the keys in attack, Make their BIGS work outta the Paint [Hacer a sus pívots trabajar fuera de la pintura], pointing out two systems to do it. And David Kravish has played a fundamental role there, scoring 16 of his 23 points with complete success in the second half.including two triples, requiring Tavares and Poirier to leave their zone of influence to hit open shots from 6.75 meters or in PNPop situations from short corners or elbows in which, very sunk, they did not have time to recover.

The third and fourth referred to how to generate advantages from direct and indirect blocks. remembering what Real Madrid’s defensive tendencies are in these tactical situations, emphasizing the rival’s defensive changes as the match progresses. Especially striking was the last quarter where, thanks to the work of greats like Osetkowski, Kravish and Sima, they were able to force Real Madrid to change Tyson Carter or Kameron Taylor, pairing them with big men and making them generate advantages to assist their teammates or score.

Kalinoski’s second half deserves special mention, in which he scored all of his eleven points, being as always a player his team clings to.

To close the offensive section, Bang the glassor what is the same is being aggressive by charging the offensive rebound. If in the first half they had only gotten two, in the second they went to a total of ten, six in the third quarter that became ten points in the second chance with up to five players contributing in this aspect. I really want to not give up a ball for lost.

At a defensive level, the first of the tasks that Ibón Navarro gave them was to limit their situations in the open field., in transition, emphasizing two names: Campazzo and Llull. The second did not score any and the Argentine did so in a coast to coast in the last minute of the match with everything practically decided.

The second (Team Def vs Spread PnR at the slot. Blue 1 or Blue 2 but 5 players same page) mentioned a type of direct block that Real Madrid plays as a support point for many systemsurging the Unicaja players to execute some of the proposed defensive rules to be all coordinated.

The third task, block the rebound well to keep the Defensive Rebound. Except for the second quarter, where Real Madrid seemed to break the game with that 29-13 and 6 offensive rebounds that turned into seven points on a second chance, in the other three quarters, only three were achieved.

And in the key section, Details: how to defend heads-up play prior to an imminent direct block and the shooters’ exits along the baseline, highlighting the ability of their point guards to pass directly from the header to a player under the rim (Green mentality after hoff before PnR with 5, Floppy no straight passed from top of the key).

Finally, in the Clutch, seek to limit the contribution of Campazzo, who has been led for the second time this season to commit more losses (6) than he gives assists (5). Five of the six, in the second half, with Perry and Alberto Díaz as the main culprits but with the help of the rest of the team adding, making the game not comfortable for them.

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