Calleri praises victory in the final and says he is happy in São Paulo

Happy in São Paulo: “Happy, happy, but I wasn’t having a bad time (personally). I gave an interview once, I said I felt alone, but I’ve always been fine, happy. I’m very happy in São Paulo. Obviously, we have good moments and others not that good, but today I think we left 100% on the field”.

More about personal life: “I gave the interview and said that I felt alone for another reason, but I was sad. My happiness is playing football. Obviously, those who have serious personal problems need to be dealt with and need help like every player. Players always have good phases and phases It’s bad, but it’s part of life. Many people have problems and I’m not exempt from that. I’m happy, well, I’m happy to represent this shirt and I want to be champion.”

winning goal: “I’m happy (with the goal), I really wanted to win. Who scores the goal doesn’t matter to me. The 11 players come in, they run like today, they have the desire they had today to win.”

Idolatry: “Idol is very big, Rogério is an idol. He needs to work a little more, keep his feet on the ground and try to win on Sunday again. I will have good moments, not so good moments, but I’m a guy who leaves life at that shirt. People may want me, there are people on social media who don’t want me, but I’m a guy who always leaves life and thanks to these people who supported me from the first moment I was able to score the goal in the Copa do Brasil”.

Strength of the crowd: “We are grateful to whoever was at CT yesterday, they were great, they gave about 10% or 20% more than we did today and we need to play a great game on Sunday to try to win like today. It’s down to earth, we haven’t achieved anything yet and we need to focus at Fortaleza and, on Sunday, at Flamengo”.

São Paulo wins and starts with an advantage

With a goal from Calleri, São Paulo beat Flamengo, 1-0, at Maracanã, in the first game of the Copa do Brasil final.

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