Cleveland Cavaliers First-Round Pick Jaylon Tyson Compares To This NBA Player

The Cleveland Cavaliers opted to stand pat with the No. 20 overall pick in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft. After rumors of potentially trading up, they opted instead to select California forward Jayson Tyson with their pick.

Tyson was not a “flashy” pick, but he’s a player that could turn into a very solid 3-and-D player for the Cavaliers.

Despite all of the criticism about the quality of the 2024 class, Tyson does seem to have potential to bceome a very good role player down the road. He’ll likely never develop into a star, but that isn’t what Cleveland needs from him.

Now, the question becomes, what kind of player is Tyson capable of becoming at the NBA level?

Bleacher Report offered an interesting NBA comparison for the Cavaliers’ new rookie. They believe he compares to Miami Heat wing Caleb Martin.

Here is the scouting report that they revealed about Tyson.

“Jaylon Tyson has become one of the draft’s most advanced on-ball forwards with handles and footwork for self-creation into drives, jumpers and floaters. Tyson’s shotmaking off his own dribble and post moves have powered his scoring production. He just hasn’t been as efficient off the ball, and some teams may question how he’ll adjust and fit after this year’s high usage.”

Standing in at 6-foot-7, Tyson will give Cleveland some versatility. He can play either small forward or power forward. Defensively, he has the ability to play a role against players like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

That seems to be a big motivation for the Cavaliers with this pick. They want players who can play multiple positions and defend at a high level.

All of that being said, if Tyson can become a Caleb Martin type of player, Cleveland will be very happy with this pick. He’s the kind of piece that could help the Cavaliers get back to championship contention in the near future.

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