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This November 20th, when Black Consciousness Day is celebrated, the Fluminense launches another special product in honor of Chico Guanabara, the character who originated the web series “Herdeiros de Chico Guanabara”, on FluTV.

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The shirt, created by historian Leandro Carvalho and designed by artist Marcelo Ment, arrives in official Tricolor stores this Tuesday.

Singer Marvvila with new Fluminense shirt — Photo: Marina Garcia/FFC

– The creation of the art occurred after many exchanges and good conversations with my friend Leandro Carvalho. In addition to the ideas and elements he brought, we talked about the importance of exalting the figure of Chico Guanabara and his roots, representing the figure of the fan, as a fundamental element in the construction of the Fluminense and its identity – says artist Marcelo Ment, who, among other works for the club, produced Castilho’s panel at the Training Center and created a mosaic to exalt Cartola, a character honored in the current third shirt.

Singer Marvvila with the new Fluminense shirt — Photo: Marina Garcia/FFC

Singer Marvvila gave voice to another action in the Fluminense in favor of the memory of Chico Guanabara. She starred in a photo shoot with the new shirt and narrated a manifesto celebrating the character for the piece’s launch video.

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Check out the full text:

Tricolor women twisting gloves and scarves in the middle of the Laranjeiras Stadium inspired the term “fan” in the Portuguese language. However, the fan without that name, as the protagonist of the spectacle, as active pressure that changes a match, appeared a little earlier.

It all started with Chico Guanabara, a fearless and respected capoeirista, who, with his black gang, pushed the Fluminense to victory. He lived in Morro do Mundo Novo, at the back of the Laranjeiras field.

One day, as he left home and passed by Retiro da Guanabara, now Rua Álvaro Chaves, the club’s headquarters, he came across some boys playing ball with their feet, something he had never seen before. In his observation, he noticed something of capoeira in that game of pretending and dribbling. Delighted, he said: “From today onwards, I will be Fluminense”.

He then started going to all Tricolor games, with his trickster hat, a pair of clogs and, they say, a hidden razor. And woe to him who speaks ill of Fluminense near Chico, ancestor of millions of people, their heirs and heirs.

Today, November 20th, Black Consciousness Day, it’s time to remember the precursor of our passion, the one who was a fan before the word even existed.

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