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Montse Tomé has offered a list of 23 footballersin which the presence of the world champions or some of ‘Las 15’. He states, according to his version, that he had held conversations with them. He also said that no soccer player has told him that she does not want to be called up or hinted that she had had conversations with Jenni Hermoso about the call.

Finally, she has had to face the reasons why she applauded Luis Rubiales in the famous appearance in which he announced that he was not going to resign or defended the existence of a false feminism in Spain. Relevo has been able to confirm that all these statements are lies, half true or that they have incurred contradictions when pronouncing them.

Has Montse Tomé spoken with all the players?

The full testimony of the technique around the talk with them is as follows:

I have complete confidence in the players. I think that at a professional level we are surrounded by an incredible group of players. You talk to me about Patri and Mapi, but as I said, a new stage begins. The counter starts from zero, there is nothing behind it. (…) I have spoken with the players and I am not going to reveal everything I have discussed with them. These are things that fall within the professional relationship and remain between us.“.

As reported by Relevo, The internationals did not know that they were going to be called up. In fact, they found out through social media. This medium has also been able to confirm that Montse Tomé has not spoken with all of them. What’s more, her call has been received with surprise and even disbelief in some cases.

So much so that Some of those involved have requested legal advice throughout the afternoon of this Monday to evaluate his decision in the face of a call that should begin this Tuesday in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas. In fact, the development of events greatly complicates the viability of access. Some of the soccer players on the list are on other continents and their ability to appear in Madrid in express time is reduced. It is Montse Tomé’s first lie in a call that is now in the air. The players themselves confirmed it in a statement.

Has Montse Tomé spoken with Jenni Hermoso?

Yes. Relevo has been able to confirm that the coach contacted the soccer player. However, in no case did he talk to her about the call. He also did not ask him if he had the strength to represent his country in this international break. In this case, Montse Tomé did not reveal any details about her talk. This was the full statement:

First of all, we are with Jenni in everything and with all the players. We believe that the way to help them is to be close to them, listen to them and I, who am the person in charge, together with my staff, have believed that the best way to protect them in this call is like this. We have Jenni, I have been working with her for five years, I have met her as a professional colleague when we face each other. (…) I support Jenni, I defend her, I am very sorry for what has happened during this time. We have to think that she is a professional soccer player, that she loves what she does. This has transcended all levels and is something that she cannot be. (…) The conversations with the players and this special case I would not like to talk or comment much about this. I’m sorry“.

In this case, it falls into a contradiction: what is he protecting Jenni from? Of course, be that as it may, The coach has not consulted the footballer about whether she wants, or does not want, to be called up..

Is it true that the players have not informed Montse Tomé that they were not eligible?

As Relevo could know, Several soccer players informed the new coach that they were not eligible for this list. However, Montse Tomé stated categorically that no one had said it. The exact question was the following:

Has any player asked you not to be called up?“.

And the answer, brief, concise and direct: “No“.

The footballers, through this statement, confirmed that it was not as Montse Tomé had stated: “During the days following that statement, we want to make it known to the public that nothing different from that has been transmitted to any member of the team. RFEF, so we expressly ask that the information transmitted publicly be rigorous.” Beyond this non-communication, this medium can confirm that there was some direct “no” to the coach.

Did Montse Tomé applaud Rubiales only twice?

One of the images that most questioned the announcement of Montse Tomé as the new coach was, precisely, her applauding Luis Rubiales’ speech in the famous Assembly of “false feminism” and “I am not going to resign”. On this occasion, she has stated that she only did it on two occasions. But that’s not the case: she did it in seven.

This was his full statement:

The truth is that I didn’t feel well that day. We had to come here because they told us to, we sat there and well all the things that were happening there… I don’t feel part of it. I actually didn’t feel good. The two times I applauded that day was when Luis Rubiales said that we are all world champions. Also when he tells me that I am going to act as technical director. After going home, I really felt calm when I released the statement. If I think a little and say why I did it… I wouldn’t have had to do it, but well, I feel that at that moment, what happened, the social mass, well, they applauded, that’s how I did it. Later when we released the statement, it was completely clear what my position is. I support Jenni, I defend Jenni, I am very sorry for everything that has happened during this time. We have to think that she is a professional soccer player who loves what she does. This has transcended all levels and is something that cannot be“.

It is worth emphasizing, before moving on to all the cases in which Montse Tomé applauded, that These references are taken based on the realization of the Federation. That is to say, it cannot be established with complete certainty that the coach did not applaud at a certain moment, since there is no still shot of the coach to verify it. Only small shots that can confirm when he recognizes Rubiales, but not when he doesn’t.. Furthermore, not in all the ovation scenes does the camera capture the part of the room where the protagonist in question was.

When Rubiales talks about “false feminism”the shot does not reveal that Montse applauded in the shot shown.

When Rubiales’ daughter cries, he dedicates a few words to her: “You have to be proud of who your father is.” Montse Tomé does not applaud at the signal shown either.

Afterwards, Rubiales defended the following: “What will people who have been sexually assaulted think? To Irene Montero, Yolanda Díaz, Pablo Echenique… “I’m going to defend myself in court.” At that moment, Montse Tomé applauds. He did not mention it in his appearance. In it he has stated that, on this occasion, he did not applaud.

You are all world champions“. It is the part of the speech in which Rubiales talks about the use of the word champions instead of champions, while defending the work of the staff and all the people who, in one way or another, have worked in the success. Montse Tomé does applaud, as she had said in her presentation. It is one of the two occasions to which it refers.

I’m not going to resign“. Rubiales repeats it up to five times. Montse Tomé applauds again. It is true that they focus on her, she claps a little and stops, while other people continue the applause. Again, yes, she recognizes the president, and it is not one of the two occasions that she reported on in her press conference.

Next, Rubiales changes the speech to renew Vilda and announce Montse Tomé as the new sports director. Part by part. First comes the technician’s turn: “I have activated the mechanisms for your four-year renewal. You deserve it.” She is focused on at the end of the applause and she is not seen applauding. It should be noted, once again, that it is unknown whether she applauded or not: the only certainty is that at the moment in which the film showed the coach’s face she was not doing so.

Now it’s time for Montse Tomé: “I want Montse to be the new sports director.” Yes, she applauds. With more force than the other times and more continuous.

The end of the hearing is approaching and Rubiales pronounces his last words: “Here is the truth of what has happened. Good people know that there is nothing more and these are my explanations“. Montse Tomé applauds again: it is not one of the two times she had counted in her presentation either.

Part of the audience (including Jorge Vilda and Luis de la Fuente) stands up to say goodbye to Rubiales amidst applause. She gets up too, but you can’t see her applauding at that moment..

It is time for questions for Rubiales, already seated on the stand. The speaking turn corresponds to a non-professional category player. and dedicates a congratulatory speech to Rubiales for his care for modest football. Montse is not seen applauding.

Another assemblyman speaks, Pep Barceló, who considers “a hunt” what has been done in the media with Rubiales and believes that there is a double standard. He also thanks the coaches for their care and all the courses that the Federation has provided them. Something that could have directly affected Montse Tomé throughout her five years in the Federation.. Clap againanother of the cases that I did not remember.

Andreu Camps dismisses the Assembly and the television signal is cut off. A final shot of the new coach shows her applauding again. A total of seven times, at least. More than the two that she herself has remembered on her first day at the head of the National Team. A day that was presented as “a new stage”, but that has concluded with lies and with a group of players confirming that they are not selectable.

Jonás Pérez is an all-terrain journalist at Relevo. Graduated in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication from the URJC, he cut his teeth in local information on M21, the Madrid City Council radio station.

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