India’s Jio preps launch of affordable cloud laptop – reports

India’s largest service provider, Reliance Jio, is in talks with laptop manufacturers including Hewlett Packard (HP), Lenovo and Acer to launch a cloud laptop, according to media reports. The device is expected to cost 15,000 Indian rupees (US$190) and the company is conducting trials with HP Chromebook for this.

The upcoming laptop will function as a “dumb terminal,” which essentially means that it will not come with any storage and processing capabilities, and these tasks will be carried out in the Jio Cloud. The service provider may offer a monthly subscription for cloud services, like Apple’s iCloud, thereby making the laptop more affordable. This approach will not only help bring down the cost of the laptop but also ensure high speed of services for the user.

According to media reports, consumers who don’t purchase Jio’s cloud computer would also be able to install the cloud PC software on any desktop should they require storage or processing.

The company had launched a 4G-enabled laptop, JioBook, earlier this year in the budget segment for INR16,499 ($198). While JioBook used its JioOS operating system, that might not be the case for the upcoming cloud PC.

Targeting gig workers

Jio is targeting the budget-conscious segment for its range of devices. Over the last few years, it has launched a range of mobile devices to make it easier for users to move from feature phones to smartphones. Earlier this month, the service provider launched the JioPhone Prime 4G feature phone for INR2,599 ($31.18).

Backed by Reliance Industries, the biggest Indian conglomerate, the service provider seems to be making itself ubiquitous in the digital space, especially for first-time users of smartphones and laptops. Jio’s growing portfolio of affordable devices and smartphones ties in neatly with its recently launched its 5G-enabled fixed wireless access (FWA) offering JioAirFiber. 

The growing trend of hybrid and gig working in India is likely to help drive demand for Jio’s services and devices. According to a report from the Indian government’s planning commission Niti Aayog, the number of gig workers in the country will likely grow from 7.7 million in 2020-21 to 23.5 million by 2030, generating $250 billion. A Zinnov report, meanwhile, says that out of 7.7 million gig workers, 1.4 million are white-collar professionals. As the number of white-collar gig workers grows, there will be a need for affordable laptops and Jio’s cloud laptop could fit the bill. 

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