Jessica Alba’s tool kit —crystals, charms and motivational books

Whether in business or her personal life, Jessica Alba always has a growth mindset. The actress is getting back to her kick-butt roots with “Trigger Warning,” which premieres today on Netflix. Only this time around, as an executive producer, the “Dark Angel” and “Fantastic Four” alum had much more input. “I knew I wanted to create a badass action film where the woman wasn’t the damsel in distress or cold and heartless,” Alba, who underwent two months of intense training and fight choreography for the movie, tells Alexa. “Instead, I wanted you to feel [my character] Parker’s softness and vulnerability as much as you understand her rage as she unravels the mystery around her father’s death and seeks vengeance.”

The Honest Company founder (who recently stepped down as the Chief Creative Officer but continues on as a company board member) spun off the lifestyle brand into the feel-good home makeover show “Honest Renovations” with co-host Lizzy Mathis. Season 2 will return to Roku later this summer.

While she will be all over your TV, offscreen the mom of three (daughters Honor, 16, Haven, 12, and son Hayes, 6, with husband Cash Warren) tells Alexa that her priority for the hot months is to “hang with my kiddos and make memories.” Following in her parents and grandparents’ footsteps as “the ultimate hosts,” the party maven plans on throwing the best barbecues, swim parties, and backyard movie nights all season long. She will no doubt look resort-ready while doing it. Here are some of the things that keep the fashion trendsetter looking — and feeling — her best.

Courtesy of Movado

“I love that you can dress this watch up or down. It’s just a chic statement piece. I also love to stack it with jewelry!”

Courtesy of Dezi

“I’m into the rectangle shape of these glasses. I think it’s really flattering and it elevates any outfit whether you’re heading to the beach or running errands.”

Courtesy of Pack of Thieves

“Anytime I’m at Target, I always find myself leaving with some Pair of Thieves socks. Even though my hubby makes them, we can never have enough — they’re the best in the game!”

Courtesy of Lack of Color

“Protect the skin that you’re in! This is my weekend and vacation go to. There is no shame in my hat wearing game. I also love the string because whether you’re riding a bike or on a boat, it’s staying on.”

Courtesy of Innersense

“I absolutely love the clean ingredients and rituals Innersense inspires and encourages. There’s just so much thoughtfulness! Plus, every product leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and healthy.” 

Courtesy of Dyson

“I just started using the air wrap a few months ago and it has seriously changed my life. It makes anyone feel like they just got a professional blow out. Plus, it takes no time to achieve!”

Courtesy of Slip

“These are my go-to hair ties because they don’t damage or rip my hair out. They also have really cute colors and designs, so the tie looks cute whether on your wrist or in your hair.”

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

“Wearing a cute sarong can totally elevate any bathing suit. This one is great because of the colors — it goes with so many of my solid colored bathing suits. I love wearing it with a tank and dressing it up, or simply over my suit after I get out of the water. 

Courtesy of Ultima Relpenisher

“Hydration is key. I swear by it! I typically don’t love flavors, but this orange flavor is bomb and helps me drink lots of water throughout the day.” 

Courtesy of Honest

“This moisturizer is super lightweight, oil free and incredibly hydrating. It’s over 70 percent water and great to use all throughout the year. I like to put a thick layer on and let it melt into my face. It makes my skin look more plump and hydrated instantly!” 

Courtesy of Stoney Clover Lane

“I am obsessed with all of the bags from Stoney Clover Lane, but especially the small makeup pouches. For my birthday, a friend got me one with my initials on it and it’s so cute. I take it with me everytime I travel.”

Courtesy of Drowsy

“I love a good eye mask whether I’m meditating, traveling or trying to get a good night’s sleep. This is super soft and cushiony so it’s extra comfortable. It was also great to have on set when we were shooting nights for ‘Trigger Warning’ and I had to sleep during the day.”

Courtesy of Amazon

“A friend recommended this book to me and I haven’t been able to put it down since I started it. I really love how raw and honest Glennon is about her journey. A lot of how she sees the world and sees her kids deeply resonates with me.”

Courtesy of Amazon

“Cleo is not only a dear friend, but an immensely talented writer. ‘Heart Talk’ is a go-to book of mine and I can’t wait to read her latest work with my kiddos.”

Courtesy of Ariana Ost

“I’ve been a fan of all of Ariana’s work since day one. Room decor, crystal grids, accessories — I love everything. Selenite specifically is a stone of cleansing and activation that helps clear negative energy. Plus, it’s just an absolutely beautiful piece. I have one right in the center of my room and another in my bathroom. 

Courtesy of Karma and Luck

“I’m totally obsessed with everything from Karma and Luck, especially these cute little statues. I have them all around my house and I just got a friend one for his birthday.”

Courtesy of Apple

“If you haven’t checked out Gabby Bernstein’s work yet, run, don’t walk! Gabby’s app specifically gives you an easy way to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. There are tons of doable, practical daily meditations and writing prompts to help keep your inner and outer world in flow.”

Courtesy of Oprah

“This podcast is like my church! Oprah is the best. I really love how she delves deep with profound insights, and creates space for people to reach their fullest potential by listening and learning from her guests. It’s a spiritual haven that fosters growth and connection.”

Trigger Warning premieres June 21 on Netflix.

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