Kim Jong Kook responds to controversy over the price of his t-shirts

Kim Jong Kook has offered an apology to fans who criticized the price of his recently launched T-shirt. On September 19 KST, Kim Jong Kook took to his YouTube channel’s community to express his gratitude for the overwhelming support and interest displayed by his fans, which led to the rapid selling out of the product.

I’m both touched and surprised by the amazing support,” said Kim Jong-kook, announcing his intent to donate all proceeds from the first batch of T-shirts to charity.

He added, “By purchasing this T-shirt, you are supporting a worthy cause. I want to thank everyone who has joined us in this initiative. Wear your T-shirts with pride and look your best!” He then extended his wishes to his fans regarding the upcoming Chuseok holiday, strongly urging everyone to prioritize their health.

The controversy first stemmed from Kim Jong Kook’s previous announcement of the release of his signature T-shirts which were priced around 40,000 won. However, some fans voiced their concerns online saying that the price of the T-shirt was steep.

Responding reasonably to these comments, he took to an online community post and explained, “I must insist that these aren’t just standard T-shirts with text. I have personally involved myself in the creation process, being exceedingly meticulous about the fabric choice,” he explained.

In regards to the pricing, he acknowledged, “After extensive market research, we arrived at what we believe is a reasonable price. In a previous video, I may have incorrectly stated that the T-shirts were not expensive, an expression that may not have been objectively judged. For that, I apologize if it led to any misunderstanding.” He ended his statement by asking fans for their understanding, admitting, “This is a field in which I’m relatively inexperienced, so please bear with me.”

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