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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Some people may consider ngabuburit, or spending time while waiting for the time to break the fast, as an entertaining and consumptive activity. Call it shopping, sightseeing, watching movies, and so on.

It’s okay to do entertainment activities to wait for the time to break the fast. But, you know, ngabuburit can also be filled with productive activities and generate a lot of sustenance, you know!

There are several ngabuburit activities that you can try to bring in cash. Who knows, you can get extra income for Eid al-Fitr holiday allowance (THR) later, right?

Here are 5 ways to be productive while making sustenance, there are things you can do from home too, you know!

1) Selling takjil

If you spend a lot of time at home, making takjil and selling it can be a way to be productive, you know! You can explore your cooking creativity by making your own takjil at home.

Simple takjil menus such as banana compote, fruit ice, and marrow porridge are often sought after by people. For this reason, the opportunity for your takjil to sell out is always great.

You can open a takjil selling stall near where you live, go around crowded places, or sell it online on line. Guaranteed, it will be a big harvest!

2) Sell Ramadan or Eid-themed handicrafts

Have the ability to create works of art? This ngabuburit activity is for you! You can make crafts or crafts to resell.

To have the potential to be more in demand, you can make Eid greeting cards, hampers, THR envelopes, cloth masks, to diamond decorations. Don’t forget to promote your craft products on social media and sell them on e-mail.commerce yes!

3) Baking Eid cakes for sale

For those of you who like to bake cakes, this ngabuburit activity is a must! Moreover, for some people, baking or baking a cake is a fun activity.

Ahead of Eid al-Fitr, the demand for Eid cakes is certainly very high. It’s time to try out trendy pastries recipes for Hari Raya dishes, as well as show off your skills.

Initially, you can offer your homemade cookies to relatives or closest friends. If many people like it, you can sell online on line by using a food delivery service or e-commerce.

4) Create fun content on YouTube

In the digital era like now, there are more and more wet fields to earn money. For example, by creating unique content on social media, such as YouTube channels, you can harvest money from engagement audience through AdSense.

If you have certain advantages, such as love to eat, good make-upor enjoy playing games, create creative and informative content that is original, unique and fresh. Don’t forget, you also have to be able to edit videos in an interesting way.

Indeed, it takes patience to attract a lot engagement audience. However, if you are consistent and can produce interesting content, your chances of earning money will be even greater!

5) Play Lazzie Star on Lazada

Lazzie Star
The display of Lazada’s Lazzie Star Blessing Ramadan game which has a grand prize of one house unit.

It’s fun, now there’s an easier way to earn money, which is playing games Lazzie Star Blessings of Ramadan on Lazada. Capital enough smartphone and can be done while lazy at home, you know!

Games This Lazada application-based provides a variety of attractive prizes for you, such as: smartphones, laptops, beauty boxuntil grand prize which is a livable house for those of you who are lucky.

In the Lazzie Star Berkah Ramadan game, you are asked to choose 2 desired themes, namely a chef or designer. You have to unlock decorations or dishes according to the theme of your choice to be able to level up.

To be able to level up, users need THR as energy. How to get THR or energy is also very easy, such as completing daily missions and special missions, playing mini gamesto invite friends to come play.

For the biggest prize, which is a house unit, you also have to meet several conditions. First, you need to reach 25 Golden Keys in Lazzie Star.

You can collect this golden key from Laztreasure, gift box and mission everyday. Treasure box you can also unlock it when you reach certain levels (5,10,15,20,25).

To increase your chances of winning a luxury residential unit, you can shop at LAZADA in the period 20-22 April.

The winner will be determined by LAZADA for those of you who collect 25 the fastest golden key in games Lazzie Star.

Games You can start playing Lazzie Star from 10 to 22 April 2022. Come on, start playing Lazzie Star and collect it immediately golden key as much as possible to win grand prize!


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