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Porsche has released a new Dakar variant of the 911 with knobbly tyres, a raised suspension, and the same motor as the Carrera 4 GTS to mark the company’s 70th year of selling vehicles in North America. Prices start at ₹1,82,16,325, and production is limited to 2,500 units. The 911 lineup is rounded off by a top-of-the-line cabriolet, the America Edition GTS. All 100 destined for the American market (and an additional 15 for Canada) will include the following:

  • A seven-speed manual gearbox.
  • Azure Blue 356 exterior paint.
  • Tri-finish wheels (white, silver, and red detailing).
  • Unique body side decorations.

The brand’s North American roots are celebrated with lighted door sill plates and red accents throughout the otherwise black leather interior. The limited edition is expected to sell out quickly, even at the asking price of ₹1,51,93,450, so interested purchasers should contact their local Porsche dealer without delay. With rear-wheel drive, no back seats, and manual transmission, the purist-focused Carrera T model is back in the range for 2016 for ₹96,23,796.

Pricing and Choosing a Product

We have driven several different 911 versions and can confidently say that the Carrera S is the best. It has an extra 64 horsepower above the regular Carrera. Even if there are manual transmissions, we will encourage everyone to go for Porsche’s dual-clutch automatic because it’s perhaps the greatest self-shifting gearbox in the world. If four winter tyres aren’t enough to travel safely in the snow and ice this winter, you may upgrade to all-wheel drive for your Porsche 911 for ₹5,95,118.

Given that the cabriolet version costs over ₹10,59,799 more, you’ll find that the traditional coupe body design is much more to your liking. Launch control, extra driving modes, and more are all part of the optional Sport Chrono package. In addition to the lowered suspension and rumbling exhaust system included in the Sport package, the Sport Seats Plus upgrade delivers more supportive front buckets.

To round off the upgrade package, you can add ventilated front seat cushions, passive entry, a heated multifunction GT steering wheel, and Porsche’s Dynamic Light System Plus with automatic high beams and lamps that pivot in the direction the front tyres are directed. That’s not even a fraction of the customizations you can make to this Porsche, which raises the price significantly. Warning, though, they are tempting.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The 911 has a 3.0L flat-six engine with two turbochargers mounted in the trunk. There are 379 horses available in the standard Carrera, 443 horses in the S, and 473 in the GTS. A phenomenally quick-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission is standard on all trims, but a delicious seven-speed manual is available only for the S and GTS trims.

The coupe and cabriolet come standard with rear-wheel drive, but all-wheel drive may be added for high-performance year-round use. The Targa can only be had with all-wheel drive. We put the standard Carrera and many iterations of the more powerful Carrera S through their paces on the track, where they showed their prowess and excellent grip in slippery situations.

Porsche 911 Price, Mileage, Engine, Transmission,Features
Porsche 911 Price

Every 911 has incredible acceleration, primarily when the very effective launch control is used. When fitted with the eight-speed automatic transmission, the GTS model accelerated to 60 mph in only 2.8 seconds on our test track, while the 911 GTS with the seven-speed manual transmission took 3.2 seconds. The optional Porsche performance exhaust system adds a deeper, more robust sound to the driving experience.

The 911 is as pleasant to ride in as ever, and its handling has also improved. The coupe and convertible benefit from a more fantastic cornering grip and stability, and the steering are tactile and beautifully straight. Despite the 911’s excellent body control, which allows drivers to transition between relaxing and furious romps effortlessly, the ride quality is surprisingly smooth.

Fuel Economy and Actual MPG

The most economical 911 is the Carrera S with a manual transmission, with 18 city and 25 highway mpg EPA ratings. Fuel efficiency estimates for other 911 models are lower, but not by much. A Carrera and a Carrera S (both with automatics) achieved remarkable values of 14 Kmpl and 12.75 Kmpl, respectively, at a speed of 12 Kmph on a testing route. You may learn more about the 911’s gas mileage by checking out the EPA’s website.

Interior and cargo

As before, the 911’s interior exudes an air of understated sophistication despite the proliferation of buttons, knobs, touchscreen controls, and a sizable new centre cupholder. The cluster of devices known as the “gauge” also breaks with tradition, replacing analogue readings with digital ones. The centre tachometer still employs a tactile needle to track the engine’s revs towards its wonderful 7400-rpm redline, even though these displays have some user-experience concerns and can be obscured by the steering wheel.

The low-slung driving position and comfortable front seats of the 911 are great, and so is the steering wheel’s extensive range of adjustability. The only things we’d change about this legendary vehicle are the flimsy flip-style shifter found in automatic variants and the excessive use of piano-black trim on the centre console. Although the 911 technically has space for four people, the cramped rear seats are still not friendly to grownups and haven’t been since the mid-1960s.

Connectivity and Entertainment

A 10.9-inch touchscreen dominates the dashboard’s centre in every 911. The central screen may be navigated by a combination of voice instructions, buttons on the steering wheel, and rotary push-button controls. Wi-Fi connectivity, Apple CarPlay, and wired Android Auto are all supported by the infotainment system. Porsche offers two premium sound systems, one with 12 speakers from Bose and the other with 13 speakers from Burmester.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Numerous driver-assistance features, including automatic high lights, blind-spot monitoring, and even night vision, may be had on a 911, making it a desirable vehicle. Check out the websites of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for more information about 911’s performance in crash tests. Examples of essential safety elements include:

  • Automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning systems are becoming standard equipment.
  • Lane-keeping assistance and lane-departure warning are offered.
  • The Adaptive Cruise Control is Ready for Use

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

The first maintenance appointment within Porsche’s guarantee period is free of charge, which is par for the course for luxury vehicles. Competitors, like the Jaguar F-type, provide more bang for your buck by including up to five years of maintenance in their price.

  • All parts and labour are covered for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • There is a powertrain warranty that lasts for four years or 50,000 miles.
  • One year / 10,000 miles of complimentary maintenance is provided.

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