Real Madrid 2-1 Real Sociedad: summary, goals and result

Match summary: “Very complicated and very hard work. Real tries to dominate and has very good players inside. We knew we had to be together. We have to correct some things, because we conceded very quickly. But this is the Bernabéu and our fans. We were able to turn it around “.

Full: “We are doing a little bit of everything. We are consistent and we trust in ourselves. We knew we would have our opportunities and we managed to come back again.”

Second goal: “Very happy. They are goals that help the team score, it’s what makes me happiest. Happy to be able to contribute.”

What does Ancelotti ask of you?: “Depending on the game. The coach asks me to be in the area. I try to work closely with the rival defense and take advantage of the opportunities I have, like the other day and today.”

Better in the second parts: “We worked very well to make those opportunities appear. We wore the teams down in the first half. We had chances to take the lead. The team has a lot of bench. All of us, the 25, are important to take advantage of the minutes”

Valverde: “He’s a beast, an animal. You see him running through the field and it seems like he doesn’t run out.”

Joselu MatoReal Madrid forward, on RMTV

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