Ryan Garcia says he’s ‘officially retired’ in string of posts lamenting last several months

Less than two months after Ryan Garcia stunned the boxing world by defeating WBC super lightweight champ Devin Haney via majority decision, the controversial boxer said he’s “officially retired” in a string of posts on X.

“I’ll still be training but I’m hurt and done with it and everyone,” Garcia said in one post. “The sad part is I’m a great boxer. And I entertain and knock people out. I’m sad bc I (love) boxing.” He shared in a following post, “I’m officially retired.”

Garcia’s announcement, whether it proves lasting or not, comes weeks after he was arrested on a felony vandalism charge in Beverly Hills after a hotel accused Garcia of property damage. Police responded to an “intoxicated person” call for service at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills, and Garcia’s lawyer Darin Chavez later told ESPN that Garcia “has been grappling with devastating news regarding his mother’s health.”

Garcia listed on X before his retirement announcement Wednesday a series of difficulties he’s faced in recent months, which includes testing positive for the PED ostarine ahead of that Haney upset.

“Mom has cancer. I’m being sued. My supplements were tainted. Going through a divorce,” Garcia posted. “Always GETTING S— TALKED on the internet FOR YEARS. Devin asking for my victory to be taken away. I’m getting hit with everything. I STILL LOVE GOD, HE IS EVERYTHING.”

Wednesday’s announcement could be viewed as a negotiation tactic for future fights, including a rematch with Haney. But it also comes in the wake of months of concerning actions and antics by Garcia.

In the months before fighting Haney, Garcia claimed he was kidnapped by the Illuminati, accused Logan Paul of worshipping Satan, tossed out accusations about Haney’s father and said he was under spiritual attack. He also said he had proof of alien existence and called Elon Musk the Antichrist, among a slew of other concerning claims and allegations online and in podcast appearances.



Ryan Garcia stuns boxing world, defeats Devin Haney

Garcia also announced the birth of his second child and his divorce from his wife on the same day in January. In March, Garcia accused Haney of using banned substances, said he was going to bite Haney’s ears off, then later tweeted, “My intention is to Kill Devil Haney.”

Directly before the bout, Garcia weighed 3.2 pounds over the pair’s agreed-upon limit of 140 pounds, making him ineligible to win Haney’s super lightweight title.

“Come on y’all, you really thought I was crazy?” Garcia yelled after the April win.

Earlier Wednesday, Garcia poked fun at a recent post from Haney about a rematch in two years, as Haney said, “I’ll be back in two years after Ryan’s suspension & we can fight again.” Garcia has yet to be handed an official suspension by the New York State Athletic Commission.

“Boxing will be alright without me. But still sucks I was fun in the game,” Garcia said. “And it was fun to punch people.”

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