Samsung Documents Confirm Plans For The Next Generation Of Foldables

The folding phone space might be getting busier in the run-up to the holiday season, but the OG foldable manufacturer is not going anywhere. Samsung’s latest filings confirm that it’s ready to fight back.

Samsung has been awarded two key trademarks; “Galaxy Z Flip 6” and “Galaxy Z Flip7.” This follows the securing of marks for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Fold 7 earlier this year.

While there’s no guarantee that the market will see these phones launch—presumably in 2024 and 2025—Samsung has stopped some lines while they had strong appeal in their own spaces, specifically the Galaxy Note series, which was quietly retired to allow the Galaxy S Ultra handsets to take over the large-display smartphone space.

I very much doubt that’s going to happen. The folding smartphone space is hotting up at the moment. The Pixel Fold marked out the space as one that Google believes in, and you can add the increased support for Large Screens and Foldable in the latest version of Android as another sign to the ecosystem.

Then you have the critically acclaimed OnePlus Open (also known as the Oppo Find N3, depending on the market) that has captured the attention of many with its impressive camera specs and milt-window canvas software.

Samsung has a multi-year lead and a lot of consumer feedback on the hardware and software in the Galaxy Z handsets. As a company, everyone will be hungry to recapture the imagination in the foldable market. With the filed trademarks, it’s clear that Samsung has the confidence to plan for the long term.

If the company continues the yearly update cycle, the Z Flip 6 and Z Fol 6 should launch in the summer of 2024, with the Flip 7 and Fold 7 twelve months later in 2025.

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