‘Short objectives’: Tiago Nunes focuses on one game at a time at Botafogo and aims for a late duel against Fortaleza

Tiago Nunes signed with the Botafogo until December 2025, but his first mission is to win the title of Brazilian championship in the final sprint of five games. In his presentation this Tuesday, the new black and white coach spoke of “short goals” more than once and focused on the game against FortalezaThursday, at Arena Castelão, in a delayed match of the 29th round.

– I worked in the state of Ceará, I know the Fortaleza team, how difficult it is to play in that stadium, the local factor is very difficult for those who are going to play there. It’s a very aggressive team, very difficult to play there. I also know that we are all thirsty for a positive result and an immediate victory, because it seems that we condition every key turn on this result – began Tiago Nunes.

– I believe in short goals. First of all, you need to be able to get there well trained, with a very clear idea of ​​the game, play a period at a time, play 45 minutes, meet the players again at half-time, play another 45 and then adapt to the issues that the game presents. . I wouldn’t say that there is a full resumption of the bracket, but it is one more, important game, but we have to understand that we are going to face a rival who is extremely pressured by the bad sequence of negative results – he added.

In addition to retaking the lead by beating Fortaleza, Botafogo can open up a four-point lead over Palmeiras if they beat Santos, on Sunday, at 4pm – Alviverde only enters the field later, at 6:30pm, against the same Fortaleza, also at Castelão. Tiago Nunes spoke again about “short goals” and detailed the planning for the match in Ceará.

– Short objectives. This is our objective at the moment, short-term goals. We started to establish these goals thinking about one training session at a time and we have fulfilled this day by day, the athletes have been able to understand through the corrections that we have made via video, showing the enormous amount of successes we had during the season, and from that they can be prepared to compete well against Fortaleza. After that, return to the second objective, which is Santos. Before the game against Fortaleza, we didn’t talk about Santos. We will have a short space, a short preparation time, but we have a structural condition, healthy athletes, with the ballast to be able to support this sequence with quality and, above all, we have confidence in the entire squad – he said.

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