Super Mario RPG remake guide:Best use for Frog Coins

Among the numerous items you can gather while playing Super Mario RPG remake is a specific commodity called Frog Coins, which you can spend in-game. These coins can be obtained through numerous actions such as solving puzzles, discovering hidden riches, defeating tough enemies, etc. In the Super Mario RPG remake, Frog Coins can be spent in select stores to buy various goods essential in combat scenarios.

This guide will list some of the best items you can purchase with the Frog Coins in the Super Mario RPG remake.

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Where to use the Frog Coins and the best items to purchase with it in the Super Mario RPG remake


Frog Coins can be used in two places in the game. One is available relatively early in the game, while the other will appear later on. Let’s take a look at these two sites and the best stuff you can get from them.

Tadpole Pond coin emporium

The first establishment where you can spend Frog Coins is the Frog Coin Emporium in the Tadpole Pond’s western region. Head left from the Tadpole Pond entrance, and you’ll see a pair of Tadpoles. One of them is in charge of the Frog Coin shop. Here are all the items you can purchase from this location.

  • Sleepy Bomb (1 Coin): Stuns enemies by putting them to sleep
  • Bracer (2 Coin): Boosts the targeted ally’s Defense during combat
  • Energizer (2 Coin): Boosts the targeted ally’s Attack Power during combat
  • Party Bracer (5 Coin): Boosts the party’s Defense during combat
  • Party Energizer (5 Coin): Boosts the party’s Attack Power during combat

Seaside Town coin shop

The next place where you can spend your Frog Coins is in Seaside Town, located in the town’s northern area. You can head upstairs to the Seaside Town elder’s house to find a frog seated at the table. This is the second Frog Coin shop in the game. Here are all the items available in this location.

  • See Ya (10 Coins): Allows guaranteed escape from combat situations
  • Earlier Times (15 Coins): Allows you to restart a battle
  • Exp. Booster (22 Coins): Doubles experience points gained from battles
  • Coin Trick (36 Coins): Doubles the coins gained from battles
  • Flower Ring (50 Coins): Reduces the amount of FP usage by half in battles

Best Items you can purchase using Frog Coins

Among the items available, a few stand out above the rest that you must purchase and equip.

  • See Ya – See Ya allows you to escape battle with ease. It is also relatively cheap and is one of the best items you can purchase in Super Mario RPG remake
  • Exp. Booster – This item is quite helpful in leveling up your characters faster in the game.
  • Party Bracer – The Party Bracer is helpful during the boss battles in the game as it raises the entire party’s defense
  • Party Energizer – Works the same as the Party Bracer but boosts your party’s Attack Power, increasing the damage each member can deal to the enemies.

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