The fun back and forth between Wanda Nara and her son Valentino’s girlfriend

The funny video of Wanda Nara’s son with his girlfriend (TikTok)

Wanda Nara and his daughter-in-law, Julieta Fillol They had a fun back and forth on social media. The businesswoman commented on a video that the teenager – granddaughter of Ubaldo the Fillol Duckglory and former goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team and River Plate, among others – shared on his TikTok account in which he is seen dancing a song from the animated children’s film “Encantada”.

“I dreamed of a kiss of love and a prince to give it to me,” Julieta danced in circles and mimed the lyrics while looking at the camera. Then, when she got to the part of the song that talks about the prince, she turned her cell phone around and showed her boyfriend, Valentino Lopezwho was wearing a River Plate sports outfit, a club where he stands out in the Ninth Division, which is why he stayed living in Argentina while the rest of his family is in Istanbul (Turkey) accompanying the Mauro Icardi in his carrer.

“He doesn’t take it off,” the teenager wrote along with the emoji of a face with its eyes up. The publication exceeded 126 thousand likes and obtained more than 200 comments, among which that of Wanda herself stood out. “God. And I’m from River to die, but enough about that group”wrote Icardi’s wife from Istanbul, referring to the sports team of the millionaire club in which her son plays in the Lower Divisions.

Amused, Julieta did not miss the opportunity to respond to her mother-in-law with a knowing comment about her boyfriend. “Haha yes. “Let him take it out now”Fillol’s granddaughter answered.

Wanda Nara and her eldest son, Valentino López

Valentino López debuted last April in the Ninth Division of River Plate, an Argentine club where his father also began his career. He is currently competing in the local championship that ends in November. As things stand, he will remain in the country at least until that date. Meanwhile, he is in the care of his aunt Zaira Nara, his paternal family, and just as Maxi López comes and goes from London – where he lives with his wife Daniela and his baby, Elle – to accompany his eldest son.

Valu -as he is affectionately called in his family- is a striker with goalscoring potential and began his football career when he was a child: first at Inter Milan -where his mother lived with Icardi- and later in the PSG -where the Rosario footballer was later transferred-. And once Icardi arrived in Turkey, Wanda accepted Telefe’s job offer to drive. Masterchef.

In this way, she settled in Buenos Aires with her three children, while the minors came and went from Istanbul. Thus, Valentino debuted in the River Inferiors and shares the category with Bastian Demichelisthe son of Evangelina Anderson and Martín Demichelis. His first goal with the shirt millionaire It was in June when they added the 8-0 win against Racing.

A few days ago, the teenager caused concern when he uploaded a photo to his Instagram stories in a sanatorium bed, where he was being given serum and he was next to his aunt, who was hugging him while lying down with him. Although it must have been something minor, nothing was known about his state of health. In any case, the former player flew to Buenos Aires to make sure everything was fine. “Whenever you need me I will be there.” Bomber“, his father dedicated to him in a photo together as soon as he set foot on Argentine soil and to, in some way, convey peace of mind to all the family’s followers.

“Whenever you need me, I will be there, Bomber,” Maxi dedicated to his son, Valentino (Photo: Instagram)

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