time, where to watch live and confirmed lineups

Central Rosary will receive Independent this Tuesday from 9 p.m., for the fifth day of zone A of the Professional League Cup 2023. At Gigante de Arroyito, the team led by Carlos Tevez will seek its fourth consecutive victory against Miguel Russo. Learn about the lineups, where to see it live and more.

How Rosario Central and Independiente arrive at the LPF Cup duel

  • Rosario Central lost 2-1 to Colón at the Elephant Cemetery and was in tenth position in zone A of the LPF Cup. Russo’s team has four points in four rounds played, with one victory, one draw and two losses.
  • Independiente is still on a roll and achieved its third consecutive victory: it was 1-0 against Huracán, in Avellaneda. The team led by Tevez is one of the entertainers of its group, but it cannot lower its performance if it wants to maintain the category.

The formation of Rosario Central vs. Independent, for the LPF Cup

The Independiente eleven vs. Rosario Central, for the LPF Cup

Rosario Central vs. Independiente, for the LPF Cup: where to watch live and match data

  • Time: 21
  • TV: TNT Sports
  • Referee: Fernando Echenique
  • VAR: Héctor Palette
  • Stadium: Gigante de Arroyito

The history between Rosario Central and Independiente

Rosario Central and Independiente faced each other 159 times in professionalism. Here the data:

  • Rosario Central won 51 games.
  • Independiente won 60 games.
  • They tied 48 times.

Last confrontation: 1-0 in favor of Rosario Central was the result in the last match, at the Gigante de Arroyito; for date 11 of the 2023 Professional League. The Canalla goal was scored by Jaminton Campaz.

Rosario Central vs. Independiente live, by Professional Football League Cup: minute by minute

Independent formation confirmed


  • (33) Rodrigo Rey
  • (22) Mauritius Island
  • (13) Javier Baez
  • (2) Joaquín Laso
  • (15) Damián Pérez
  • (29) Brian Martínez
  • (23) Ivan Marcone
  • (11) Federico Mancuello
  • (10) Santiago Toloza
  • (34) Matías Giménez
  • (32) Alexis Canelo


  • (25) Diego Segovia
  • (26) Felipe Aguilar
  • (3) Edgar Elizalde
  • (4) Patricio Ostachuk
  • (21) Julio Buffarini
  • (5) Agustín Mulet
  • (8) Kevin Lopez
  • (28) Sergio Ortiz
  • (14) Martin Sarrafiore
  • (27) Tomas Pozzo
  • (41) Javier Ruiz
  • (7) Martin Cauteruccio

Coach: Carlos Tevez

In which stadium will Rosario Central vs. Independent

Rosario Central vs. Independiente will play the match at the Gigante de Arroyito stadium, where Rosario Central will play at home.

Referee for Rosario Central vs. Independent

For the match between Rosario Central vs. Independent the referee will be Fernando Echenique

Time, Rosario Central TV vs. Independent

Time: 9:00 p.m.

TV: TNT Sports

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