Transsexual player leaves football after teams refuse to play her

“We are working with the Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA to find a solution. This issue is complex and constantly evolving and, like many other national bodies governing sport, we are currently reviewing our transgender policy for English football to ensure it is inclusive, fair and safe for everyone”, the FA began in statements to Sky News.

FA policy highlights that “gender identity should not be a barrier to participation in football”, but applications are analyzed on an individual basis. In this sense, players over the age of 16 who were assigned male at birth and who intend to play in the female team must show, annually, whether their testosterone levels are “within the female natal range for an appropriate period of time, in order to minimize any potential advantage.”

The episode is shocking and occurred in the seventh division of English football. According to the Daily Mail, a player who tried to block a shot from Francesca Needham, from Rossington Main Ladies, suffered a broken knee in the collision. Due to this episode, for “security” reasons, opposing teams have boycotted games in which Francesca Needham participates.

In a comment (which has since been deleted) on a post by the emblem she defended, on Facebook, relating to the topic, Francesca Needham said that she will be forced to stop playing football “for the near future” so as not to harm Rossington Main Ladies. “As some of you may have heard, Rossington Main Ladies FC have faced challenges from teams who do not want to play against us whilst I am on the pitch. This unfortunate circumstance has led me to open a discrimination case as I feel it represents a breach of the code of conduct on diversity and inclusion, as well as the protection of adults in football, established by both the Football Association and the Sheffield and Hallamshire Women’s and Women’s League,” he shared.

Fiona McAnena, sports director for the Fair Play For Women campaign, made the point on the group’s social media. “Football players are separated by sex for good reasons. These women didn’t choose mixed football, they chose women’s football. It’s not because this player is trans, but because he is a man,” she declared.

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