Updated “You died” experience, added Crawling, improved diamond generation, and more

Minecraft Trails & Tails continues to make improvements through free updates, and the latest just made its way to the Bedrock Edition. Version 1.20.30 was released on September 19, 2023, bringing with it a host of features and bug fixes. Several adjustments were also made to bring the Bedrock Edition more in line with certain aspects seen in Java Edition.

In addition to Java parity changes, Minecraft Bedrock fans can expect a new death screen, crafting recipe unlock notifications, crawling, and even improved diamond ore distribution. Overall, players ought to be pretty pleased with this round of tweaks and additions in version 1.20.30.

For Minecraft fans who may not have checked out the latest update yet, it’s worth examining the major points covered in the patch notes.

Most crucial additions and changes in the Minecraft 1.20.30 update

Some polarizing villager changes from Minecraft Bedrock’s betas remain experimental (Image via Mojang)

Although many of the changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.30 are official vanilla implementations, others remain secured under the Experimental Features toggle. This includes the divisive changes made to villager trades, which now require players to trade with villagers across multiple biomes to obtain high-quality gear and enchantments.

However, this also means that the overhaul implemented for The Wandering Trader remains experimental as well. When enabled, The Wandering Trader has improved trade prices and better items to offer players across the board.

Major updates in Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.30

  • The death screen has been updated. The camera will now zoom in upon death to help players determine where they died, their hotbar will remain visible, and they can also open the game settings before respawning. This is currently an Experimental Feature that must be toggled on to appear.
  • Crawling under one-block spaces has been removed as an Experimental Feature and will now be enabled by default.
  • Recipe unlocking is no longer an Experimental Feature but can still be enabled or disabled in the game settings.
  • A new game rule has been added for recipe unlocking. When enabled, players cannot craft items/blocks that they haven’t unlocked the recipe for.
  • Searching in the recipe book will now prioritize the first letters entered in the search bar. For example, entering “tor” will provide results for torches and redstone torches before a daylight detector.
  • The “playersleeppercentage” game rule has been altered. If players set a negative value to this rule, one player can sleep to skip nighttime. Meanwhile, setting the value to 100 will prevent the night from being skipped, no matter how many participants are sleeping.
  • 188 total blocks have had their break speeds and explosion resistances adjusted to match the Java Edition.
  • The formation of ice and snow in cold biomes is now based on randomized ticks.
  • Witches will now heal pillagers during village raids by throwing healing and regeneration potions.
  • Shulker box redstone signals will now match the strength they have in Minecraft: Java Edition.
  • The Experimental Feature surrounding villager trade changes remains toggleable. When enabled, librarian villagers will have their enchanted book inventories split based on their home biome and profession level. Players will have to seek out villages in other biomes as well as breed swamp and jungle villagers to acquire the full breadth of enchanted book trades.
  • The revamped inventory and trade prices of The Wandering Trader remain an Experimental Feature. When enabled, the trader has more items for sale, will buy useful items from players, and has a reduced trading cost for transactions.
  • Diamond ore distribution has been increased in the deepslate layers underneath Minecraft worlds, making them more plentiful as players descend.
  • Falling blocks will now break when falling onto a boat or cocoa beans.
  • Suspicious stew will no longer appear in the Creative Mode inventory.
  • Sculk sensors/shriekers will no longer lose signal when near the simulation distance limit.

On top of the changes and implementations listed above, Minecraft 1.20.30 also fixed dozens of in-game bugs across multiple aspects. If fans are curious about them or are wondering about some of the more nuanced under-the-hood changes in this Bedrock Edition update, they may want to hop over to Mojang’s official site for the full patch notes.

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