What Did Dave Grohl Say About Taylor Swift Singing Live? a Timeline

  • Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl joked that Taylor Swift doesn’t perform live. 
  • Swift appeared to respond by saying her band plays live for three and a half hours at each show.
  • The comments came after Swift fans harassed Grohl’s teenage daughter earlier this year.

Taylor Swift appeared to respond to Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl’s accusation that she doesn’t play live over the weekend, as relations between the two appear to have soured.

On Sunday, Swift wrapped up the UK leg of her “Eras Tour,” which is the highest-grossing tour of all time and proof of her immense star power. Before it kicked off, Barclays Bank estimated that it would inject £997 million ($1.26 billion) into the UK economy.

However, her intense fan base is fiercely defensive of her and often harasses those who criticize her.

Some fans speculated Grohl’s comments were in response to Swift fans harassing his teenage daughter, Violet Grohl, over tweets she sent about the singer earlier this year.

Here’s a timeline of what’s been said.

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