Adin Ross makes unpopular comment about Ryan Garcia’s mental health on stream that made fans turn on him

Ryan Garcia‘s social media outbursts have been all anybody can talk about online the past few days. Garcia’s mysterious disappearance, claims of Satanism and accusations that he witnessed sexual abuse at Bohemian Grove have raised concern over his mental state as he prepares to fight Devin Haney on April 20th.

Kick streamer Adin Ross was one of many celebrities to reach out to Garcia, speaking with him directly to see if he is okay. In the following clip, Adin told his stream how he thought Garcia was doing, and they did not like what he had to say.

“I could hear in his voice that he might be having a little bit of a breakdown,” Ross said of the troubled boxer.

Adin’s assessment is one shared by several people around Garcia. His ex-wife, Andrea Celina, and his brother, Sean Garcia, have called for people to pray for “King Ryan.”

Tyron Woodley, Dillon Danis and Rolly Romero are a few of the famous names in the fighting community to offer their support to Garcia and express that they believe he is facing mental health struggles that need to be taken seriously.

Social media turns on Adin Ross over Garcia comments

People did not take issue with Adin Ross, who is the world’s most handsomely-paid live streamer, expressing concern about Ryan Garcia’s well-being. Instead, they took aim at the motivation for those comments, implying that Ross may have connections to the “elites” that Garcia accused of several inhumane acts in a bombshell Twitter Spaces with Andrew Tate.


“Adin knows what Ryan’s talking about but he a puppet to them,” a commenter wrote on TikTok under the video from Ross’ stream.

The audience on TikTok appeared heavily skewed in defense of King Ryan, with the eight most-liked comments sharing similar thoughts about Adin Ross. They also referenced his “body language” and “stuttering” to suggest he was hiding something.

“adin is with the elites,” said one blunt comment.

When he signed with streaming platform Kick, Ross claimed to have the “biggest streaming deal of all time,” worth somewhere between $15 million to $40 million, according to SportsKeeda.

He was recently in the spotlight for getting played by rappers 21 Savage and Playboi Carti, who took huge amounts of money from him to make controversial appearances on his streams.

Latest update on Ryan Garcia: he is focusing on Haney fight

After yet another flurry of posts on Twitter/X Wednesday morning, Garcia seemed to take his foot off the gas. He posted a video of himself committing to his health ahead of the Haney fight.

It was accompanied by a Twitter post that said: “I Ryan Garcia, will not be speaking or tweeting or writing anything other then My Fight “Boxing” and Sports. All topics of discussion will be discussed after my fight 5 weeks of focus. You have my word I’m locked in I’ll see you 4-20.”

Time will tell if Garcia really stops his erratic social media behavior, but even if he doesn’t, Adin Ross may want to stay quiet about whatever happens next.

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