Basil Zempilas Parents: Meet Jessie and Anthony Zempilas

Basil Anthony Zempilas, the prominent Australian television and radio personality, has deep-rooted ties to his Greek heritage, with his parents being Jessie and Anthony Zempilas.

Born to Jessie, born on the picturesque island of Kastellorizo, and Anthony, whose family traces its roots to the same enchanting island, Basil has embraced and celebrated his Greek background throughout his life.

The rich cultural tapestry of Kastellorizo, with its history and traditions, has played an important role in shaping Basil’s identity.

Basil Zempilas attended Floreat Park Primary School and later continued his education at Hale School in Perth.

It was during his time at Hale School that he shared the school corridors with Christian Porter, the now prominent Liberal Party politician and lawyer. Their shared educational journey laid the foundation for lasting connections.

In 1992, Basil Zempilas graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, where he obtained a degree in media studies and mass communications. This educational background laid the foundation for his successful career in the media industry.

The Zempilas family’s ties to Kastellorizo, their shared heritage and the cultural wealth they bring with them, have helped shape Basil Zempilas into the multi-faceted individual he is today: an accomplished television and radio presenter, sports commentator and established politician in Perth, Western Australia.

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