Binational Art Exhibition commemorates ‘Dia de la Mujer’

For 17 years, Casa Familiar has put together its annual ‘Dia De La Mujer’ exhibition showcasing different forms of art each year.

SAN DIEGO — Ceramics, paintings and photographs are part of a binational exhibition between Tijuana and San Diego dedicated to Dia de la Mujer which features artists from both sides of the border. 

“This is a way that artists in our region and in the world use to talk about important things,” Casa Familiar Arts and Cultural Arts Director Francisco Morales said. 

The theme this year, ‘Invisible Traditions Art Exhibition.’ Artists from both sides of the border used their creativity and talents to tell their story and bring issues that impact women to light. 

“This frustration towards the norms that we are challenged every day,” Invisible Traditions Exhibition Co-Curator Arzu Oktal said. 

Part of the exhibition is a piece filled with beads created by Alejandra Duenas. Through her craft, Duenas shares a message of empowerment. 

“How women are not allowed to cry, are not allowed to show emotion, are not allowed to show how their feelings so all these tears that we are keeping inside,” Oktal said. 

Some forms of expression are photographs, a piece of art on the wall reads in part, ‘No lloren ni estén triste, el ya se encuentra feliz con el amor de su vida.’ Which translates to,’ Don’t cry or be sad, he is happy with the love of his life.’

“Its a complex vibe, its very energetic its a vibe of reclaiming of persisting, its a vibe of resilience its a vibe of love,” Morales said. 

The binational exhibition features more than 20 different pieces of art. ‘Invisible Traditions will also be showcased at the Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture in Tijuana on March 13. 

“Tijuana and San Diego are one, you know we are divided by a border by different governments but the community is the same so we wanted to represent that with this exhibition,” Morales said. 

The Front Arte y Cultura in San Ysidro will open its doors Saturday. For more details on scheduled times visit

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