Cori Bush Parents: Meet Errol Bus and Barbara Blakney

Cori Anika Bush, the esteemed American politician, nurse, pastor and Black Lives Matter activist, draws her strength and inspiration from a family rooted in activism and resilience.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Cori’s journey is deeply intertwined with the values ​​instilled by her parents, Errol Bush and Barbara Blakney.

Errol Bush, Cori’s father, is more than a parent: he is a union meat cutter and local politician, actively involved in community affairs.

Along with her two siblings, Cori’s upbringing in the Northwoods neighborhood was steeped in the principles of justice, equality, and the rich heritage of their ancestors, who were once enslaved in South Carolina and Mississippi.

Cori is a graduate of Cardinal Ritter High School in North St. Louis City and has demonstrated early academic excellence. Her ambitions extended beyond the classroom: she dreamed of becoming a nurse and making a meaningful impact on the life of her hometown community.

Cori’s educational journey led her to St. Louis’ Historically Black College and University (HBCU), Harris-Stowe State University. However, her path took a turn when she temporarily distanced herself from her studies.

Undeterred, Cori pursued her childhood dream by attending Lutheran School of Nursing, where she earned a degree in Nursing.

Cori Bush’s commitment to community well-being extended beyond healthcare. She embraced her role as a faith leader, becoming an ordained minister and founding a ministry.

As U.S. Representative for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District since 2021, Cori Bush continues to honor the legacy of her parents and the community that raised her.

The lessons learned within the walls of her childhood home and the guidance of Errol Bush and Barbara Blakney have become foundational elements of Cori’s unwavering commitment to justice, equality and positive social change.

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