Court records show former NFL MVP, Palestine native Adrian Peterson has faced property seizures

NEW YORK (USA TODAY) – Palestine native and three-time NFL rushing champ Adrian Peterson is fighting to keep millions of dollars, as well as some of his trophies.

USA Today reports that Peterson is in a legal battle in New York after a 2021 ruling that ordered him to hand over $8.3 million from an unpaid loan. Court records show he has yet to pay those millions and attempts have since been made to seize his property as a result. As of this writing, the website TexMax Auctions has multiple items allegedly belonging to Peterson available to bid on, including clothing items, furniture and various pieces of memorabilia from his NFL career.

In a video posted to X (formerly Twitter) dated Wednesday, Feb. 21, Peterson said that the online auction house had already sold some of his trophies without his permission or authorization.

“I did not authorize the sale of any of my trophies, and I will be taking legal action,” Peterson said in the video. “Trusting this company without supervision was my mistake. We allowed them to go into several of our storage units with clear instructions. They clearly did something unlawful. I want to emphasize that I’m financially stable and would never sell off my hard-earned trophies. And if I was gonna sell ‘em, I know people that I could sell them to. I wouldn’t go online and sell my personal items randomly.”

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