Heather Gay credits her weight loss to Ozempic!

houseandwhips.com – According to Heather Gay, she experienced 5 pound weight loss using Ozempic. She added that she had received kind behavior from people since losing weight, but found it discouraging.

Heather Gay is an American television personality, businesswomanand author best known for her role as a major cast member in the reality TV series, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake Citywhich she has been playing in since 2020. She also appeared in season three of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, alongside co-star and cousin, Whitney Rose.

In addition to her appearances in The Real Housewives franchise, the 49-year-old TV star has appeared in The Wendy Williams Show, SherriAnd Watch What Happens live with Andy Cohen. She also made a guest appearance Below deck adventure end of 2022.

Recently, Heather Gay has received a lot of appreciation for her weight loss journey. As evidenced by her latest appearance, she looked absolutely stunning with her slim physique. So if you’re curious about the real secret behind her transformation, we’re here to help.

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Heather Gay Openly Admits She Uses Ozempic for Her Weight Loss!

Heather Gay‘s (@heathergay) recent appearance on Andy Cohenlate night talk show, Watch what’s happening live, has left many viewers shocked by her skinny appearance. As we know, she previously admitted to using Ozempic for weight loss in november. She told me at the time People she took the medicine and was happy that she had lost 5 pounds. Later she told the outlet at the Variety women of the reality TV event,

I’ve been working on it for a while, but haven’t really seen much results yet. And I haven’t had huge results, but enough that people are noticing, which is great.

If you’re not aware, Heather Gay is one of many celebrities who have admitted to using Ozempic since the controversial drug first hit the news. The drug is very common used in adults with type 2 diabetes to improve blood sugar control and reduce the risk of serious cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack, or death.

However, it has also been used in clinical trials to aid in weight loss; after 30 weeks, patients taking Ozempic 0.5 mg lost 2.6 kg more than the placebo group, while patients taking Ozempic 1 mg lost 3.5 kg more than the placebo group. Yet it has not been officially approved by the FDA as a weight loss drug.

Heather Gay also likely stated that people had treated her differently since losing weight, and that she found the softer behavior discouraging. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City alum said“You lose five pounds, people are nicer to you. I do not know why. It’s just the way the world works and that makes me sad for women. But glad I’m five behind.’

Heather’s revelation came shortly after she was body-shamed by a fellow RHOLSC actress. Maria Cosby for wearing a Gucci corset during the show. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she was asked if she liked the look, prompting her to make a surprising comment about the size of her corset. When she asked if the corset was even branded, Mary said, “I’ve never seen a size 14 corset.”

Details About Heather Gay’s Plastic Surgery Allegations!

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City viewers recently took to social media to respond Heather Gay‘s radically distinctive appearance after seeing it Watch what’s happening live on January 24, 2024. In addition to pointing out her slimming body and her dramatically changed appearance, Reddit users claimed that she had undergone plastic surgery.

A wrote, “I’m sorry, who is that?” while another noted that Gay seemed to have a completely new face. Presumably, the third RHOSLC fan speculated that this could be why she has been posting less on Instagram. Commenters began listing the surgeries she may have undergone, including one faceliftendoscopically eyelid liftlaser treatments on her skin, new veneers and even shaving her jawline.

Some even speculated that she used much better Botox and working with a great surgeon to get a more chiseled jawline and younger appearance. However, she has neither acknowledged nor denied that she has undergone any new cosmetic procedures, but she has previously admitted to using Botox. lip fillerAnd Sculptra, which she described as a collagen stimulator. In 2022, she jokingly said Page six,

So for someone who is lazy and avoids self-care, I understand everything that’s on the menu. [It’s] preventively, to maintain the speed of the cruise control. You don’t have to accelerate or slow down, but you have to maintain the cruise control, which means maintenance. It’s all about maintenance!

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