Heather Gay Plastic Surgery Face: Facelift Gave Her a New Look!

houseandwhips.com – What has Heather Gay done to her face? The RHOSLC star’s new take on her appearance on WWHL has sparked discussions about plastic surgery. Reddit users have speculated that she has had a lower facelift, eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty and Botox. She is also said to have had fillers removed and her jawline shaved. Heather Gay has been open about her love of plastic surgery, but she hasn’t revealed if she’s had any work done recently.

Heather GayThe credit to her fame is that she is one of the main cast members of the Bravo reality television series TheReal Housewives of Salt Lake City. She has been a prominent person television personality since she did the show in 2020. She has made several appearances on talk shows including The Wendy Williams Show, SherriAnd Look whatHappens live of Andy Cohenand she notably appeared on Below deck adventure in 2022.

Heather Gay is also a businesswoman and author. She co-founded and co-launched a medical spa services company, Beauty Lab + Laser Andrea North in Murray, Utah in 2017, and she published a book titled BadMormon: A Memoir in 2023, which would probably have made it The New York Times Bestseller list. She is also said to have recently acquired a new face. Her new take on WWHL has led to social media being flooded with discussions about her plastic surgery.

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Heather Gay’s Plastic Surgery and New Look: The RHOSLC Star Got a New Face After Facelift, Botox and More!

Heather Gay (@heathergay), according to Reddit users, has undergone plastic surgery, among other things Botoxa faceliftAn eyelid liftAnd eyelid correction. She would have gotten her too fillers dissolved and shaved her jawline.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) viewers were left somewhat shocked as they tuned in Look whatHappens live (WWHL) recently. They were amazed at Heather’s new look and couldn’t recognize her at first. As the show went on and the more they observed her, how different she looked compared to how she was before and after the show ended, her plastic surgery was talked about all over social media. The news of her new face was inescapable.

While the fans continue Reddit discussed, Heather Gay has certainly lost a lot of weight, considering her slimmer figure (she mentioned using Ozempic to lose weight), but it wasn’t the only thing that made a difference. Her face has changed drastically and it is not something that can be ignored. Her face looks much more feminine and slimmer compared to how wider it used to look, and Reddit users believe this is not just due to weight loss, but plastic surgery also plays a role.

Heather Gay’s lower facelift and jaw shaving are particularly noticeable because it has changed the entire structure of her face. Previously, her cheeks were a bit saggy and seemed to be pulled down by her wide, square jaw, making her resemble handsome Squidward. Now her face looks much more toned, and her jawline much slimmer and chiseled. No amount of weight loss can make such a drastic difference and change facial structure. It’s clearly plastic surgery.

In addition to the change in her lower face, Heather Gay’s new look is also thanks to the change in her eye contour. Her eyes look much bigger and open and she no longer has the hooded eyes she used to have. Her brow also appears raised. It appears she has had an eye lift procedure, a brow lift and an eyelid surgery. Plus, she’s most likely had her fillers dissolved and this is partly why her eyes look bigger and her cheekbones are more normal. She has undergone a lot of plastic surgery and that has resulted in her new look.

Heather Gay is open to plastic surgery!

Gay also seems to have gotten veneers, but has she admitted to putting in the work to get the new face she has now? No, so far she hasn’t even responded to all the cosmetic surgery speculation. But don’t take her silence as shyness about her choice to go under the knife and get injections. She’ll probably be open about it if she wants to. Who else? Heather Gay who owns med spa Beauty Lab + Laser and who has opened up about her love for injectables and plastic surgery in general? In a 2022 interviewshe admitted that she was given injectables.

I am getting Botox, a filler in my lips. I get Sculptra, a kind of collagen stimulator. Yesterday they did something to my neck for the necklines. So for someone who is lazy and avoids self-care, I understand everything that’s on the menu. And I get it all for free because I own it.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star did not express her alone love for injectables but she also mentioned that she was also very excited about other invasive plastic surgery procedures. Heather Gay said she was open to anything from a Beauty Lab Butt Lift to Thighbella, basically any services her company offers. She seemed to think that plastic surgery procedures are the best option for people like her, who are lazy and avoid self-care.

She seemed like someone who didn’t want to make agreements about getting work done. She seemed very open about it. So, her fans expected her to reveal what she needed to achieve her new face and look. But so far she hasn’t done that. Maybe Heather Gay will open up about all the plastic surgery she’s had in her own time. She doesn’t seem too concerned about all the speculation going on.

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