How many votes did Frank Welker do? How many Transformers has Frank Welker voiced?

Frank Welker is a legend in the world of voice acting and has lent his voice to over 800 different roles in films, TV shows, video games and commercials.

His extensive repertoire makes him one of the most talented voice actors of all time!

You probably recognize him as the voice behind beloved characters like Scooby-Doo (since 2002) and Fred Jones (since 1969), as well as the sinister Megatron from Transformers.

Welker has brought to life a wide range of characters, from superheroes to villains and everything in between.

How many Transformers has Frank Welker voiced?

Frank Welker has voiced more than twenty Transformers over the years.

In the beloved ’80s animated series, he masterfully portrayed a remarkable total of 8 Decepticons, including iconic figures like Megatron, Soundwave and Skywarp.

Welker also lent his voice to 3 Autobots, such as Mirage and Trailbreaker.

Welker made the transition to the big screen, reprising his roles as Megatron and Soundwave in the live-action films ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ and ‘Dark of the Moon’.

His talent further expanded as he took on new characters like Shockwave and Barricade, enriching the cinematic experience for fans.

In addition to television and film, Welker’s contributions to the Transformers franchise also include video games, theme parks and more.

From voicing Galvatron to Wheelie and Blaster, his versatility knows no bounds.

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