Jackie Robinson Boys and Girls Club of Cairo-Grady County receives $850k grant for expansion project

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -The Jackie Robinson Boys & Girls Club (JRBGC) of Cairo-Grady County can now look forward to expanding its facility, thanks to the recent congressional approval of a $850,000 grant.

This transformative grant, named “Project Homerun,” signals a new chapter in the club’s history, promising enhanced opportunities and resources for the youth it serves.

The Bill was approved by the House of Representatives on March 7th, passed by the Senate on March 8th, and ultimately signed into law by the President on March 9th.

The grant proposal was one of 100 submitted throughout the district. Out of these submissions, 15 community projects were chosen for funding, including “Project Homerun”.

The JRBGC is partially funded by the federal government and operates with the support of tax-exempt status. The club relies on various sources for its operating budget. These include membership fees, individual donations, and fundraisers led by board members.

Expansion plans include an indoor gymnasium and additional classroom spaces. “The project is an appropriate use of grant funds because the club has physically outgrown its current location due to space constraints.” says JRBGC Board Chair Donica Douglas. Moving to a second location to serve more local youth has been a goal of the club for years. But, due to flooding concerns that dream was not possible.

The grant received widespread support, with local community leaders writing letters of support.

“We are so very appreciative of the efforts by Congressman Bishop’s office and his staff for helping this project become a reality for the JRBGC” Executive Director Stephen Francis says of the Congressman and Field Representative’s efforts.

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