KC Current kicks off season in new stadium

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) – On Saturday, history was made as the KC Current kicked off its season in CPKC Stadium, the first stadium in the world dedicated to a women’s sports team.

Kansas City filled with teal and red for the first game against the Portland Thorns.

It’s a kickoff many have been waiting for. “We drive by and it is just mwah,” said KC Current Season Ticket Holder, Jennifer Gall.

Many fans got there early to see the new stadium and watch the team hit the field.

“Just really grown to be a really big fan of women’s soccer over the years so I’m just so excited that we are able to have this team and have this great stadium,” said KC Current Season Ticket Holder, Lea Kennedy.

It’s a historic moment for Kansas City and women in sports.

“Being able to watch an amazing team with amazing players and just the energy and it being in Kansas City,” said KC Current Season Ticket Holder, Christa Wisniewski.

Fans from across the metro had their KC Current gear ready from scarves to top hats to so much more.

“Today called for something a little bit fancier than normal,” said Gall. “I’m like this is the first women’s sports stadium so I’m just gonna go all in,” said KC Current Season Ticket Holder, Hudson Morsch.

‘It’s really inspiring’: KC family preps for KC Current’s opening day

Located in Berkley Riverfront, fans found what works best for them when getting to the match.

“I was thinking about possibly parking here but it is a downtown stadium so I am more than happy to hit one of the many parking garages downtown they had a fantastic bus system,” said Kennedy.

Although parking was initially a worry for many fans, the options to take a shuttle provided...
Although parking was initially a worry for many fans, the options to take a shuttle provided by the team, walk, use rideshare services, or more proved to be more than enough for the team’s avid fanbase.(KCTV5)

Some used rideshare options and others took one of many shuttles or decided to purchase a parking pass.

“Just with having kids we figured it would be something that we could count on so yeah we bought a parking pass even though it was a little bit pricey,” said KC Current Season Ticket Holder, Graham Morsch.

Fans hope the stadium and transportation options continue to evolve and grow.

“Any new endeavor has growing pains I guess so we are just trying to keep a positive open mind,” said Gall.

No matter the trek, thousands still showed up to witness history.

KC Current prepares to make history with opening of new women’s soccer stadium

“Today just means so much more just being a woman and having girls,” said KC Current Season Ticket Holder, Tamiko Turner.

“I play soccer and I always love watching soccer,” said KC Current Season Ticket Holder, Addie Morsch.

KC Current and the new stadium are continuing to inspire women and girls across the world while many begin to make lasting memories.

The Current shared before the season started that eventually, the KC Streetcar will be an option to get to the games as well.

The Current won their game against the Portland Thorns 5-4.

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