Kensington Metropark police warn of alligator sighting in Kent Lake

Metroparks Police posted this sign in Kensington on Thursday, May 16, 2024, warning of a possible alligator in the lake.

MILFORD — An alligator may still be loose in a Kensington Metropark lake, despite a massive search effort.

After an initial reported sighting of an alligator in Kent Lake on Thursday, a hunt for the reptile began that involved Metroparks police, as well as the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Oakland County Animal Control, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and Detroit Zoological Society.

Metroparks communications specialist Danielle Mauter said the search continued until shortly after midnight, with drones, ATVs, boats, and a helicopter all in use, and she thanked all responders for their extensive efforts.

“Despite everyone’s best efforts and genuine collaborative spirit, we were unable to spot or locate the alligator,” Mauter said in a statement just before 10:30 a.m. Friday. “There have been questions about size, which we can not confirm from the one reported sighting. At this time, we will be keeping our eyes open and seeing if the possible alligator makes another appearance, and we will leave the warning signs in place for the public’s assistance with any sightings as well.”

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