Mary Mouser’s weight gain is a side effect of insulin therapy! – Mary Mouser’s weight gain is widely and extensively discussed by the Cobra Kai fandom. While many people troll her for looking fat, others criticize her for not being athletic enough for an action series. She has many supporters defending her, saying she cannot control her weight gain because she has type 1 diabetes. Mary Mouser never responded to the outrageous comments.

Maria Mouser is widely recognized as one of the action series’ main cast members Cobra Kai. The actress has received widespread attention for her portrayal of a high school senior and karate student Samantha (Sam) LaRusso. This is her most mainstream project. She’s been in a lot of things, but none as prominent as this. She was a regular on the CW series Life is wild in which she played the role Mia Weller for 13 episodes. She also played the role of Lacy Fleming, Dana Delany‘s daughter on ABC’s medical drama Body of evidence.

Mary Mouser also starred in a Disney Channel original movie Frenemies in which she played the dual role of Savannah O’Neal And Emma Reynolds. She has played guest roles CSI: Crime scene investigation, TheKing of Queens, ScrubsAnd A life to live and she had a recurring role in NCIS. I repeat, she has done many films and series, but Cobrai Kai is the one she is most known for. While she has many fans of the show, she also has many critics who criticize her for being unathletic, and trolls who shame her body and call her fat. Should we discuss her weight gain today?

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