News: NATO Secretary General’s statement on International Women’s Day, 08-Mar.-2024

On International Women’s Day, I honour the countless women who have shaped and strengthened NATO since the founding of our Alliance 75 years ago. Their resilience, sacrifice, and dedication have been paramount to our success. We have come a long way in integrating gender perspectives into our policies and operations, but our work is far from over.

Too often, and in too many places, women face inequality and injustice.
Too often, and in too many places, women are the primary victims of armed conflict.

Today, I also pay special tribute to the brave women of Ukraine,
Who continue to fight for their families, their freedom, and their future.

As we mark International Women’s Day, we recommit ourselves to the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

We must continue to:
Empower women in security and defence;
Ensure equal opportunities for leadership;
And foster a more just and inclusive Alliance.

Drawing on the full potential of all our people, 
We will continue to make NATO stronger. 

Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer

From the front lines to leadership positions, women within our armed forces contribute every day to NATO’s operational effectiveness.
Strengthening our capability to protect over 1 billion people.

Today, we acknowledge and express our gratitude to the women serving NATO’s missions and operations.
More and more women are choosing to join Allied Armed Forces, but the progress is not going fast enough.

Therefore, we must renew our commitment to recruit and retain more women in our armed forces and to mainstream gender equality into our operations.
This is not about being ‘woke’.

This is about making sure we use all the talent, courage and resilience that is out there. 
Our commitment is essential to fulfil our sacred task in protecting all we hold dear.

Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security, Irene Fellin

NATO’s role in promoting gender equality is not confined to policies and missions.
It is a collective effort that reflects who we are.

We are not just an Alliance of nations; we are a coalition of diverse voices, perspectives and experiences.
Together, we are stronger.

In the spirit of collaboration, NATO works closely with civil society organisations and the international community to advance the Women Peace and Security Agenda. 

This partnership amplifies our impact, bringing us closer to a world, where every woman is empowered to contribute, inspire and lead. 

Our actions today lay the groundwork for a more just and inclusive tomorrow, where women’s voices are heard and valued. 

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