P. Terrys introduces chicken nuggets at all Central Texas locations

Chicken nuggets are now on the menu at P. Terry’s.

P. Terrys took a swing at some of the major players in the fast-casual space when it introduced a crispy chicken sandwich almost four years ago, and today they announced a doubling down on the fried chicken assault. 

If you’ve been through the Westlake P. Terrys drive-thru in recent weeks (or one in San Antonio or New Braunfels), you’ve noticed the limited-time offer of chicken nuggets. As of Monday, you can order them at all 32 locations. The promotion is intended to be temporary, but if the demand for the all-natural nuggets is as high as the fried chicken sandwich, expect them to linger. 

The nuggets are made from scratch with 100% chicken breast with no additives or preservatives. 

First appeared on www.statesman.com

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