Start off 2024 with your MLS Pick ‘Em selections!

Each MLS regular season Saturday matchday, approximately three to eight questions, each pertaining to the MLS matches taking place during the current round, will be featured in the MLS Pick’em game. Each round will open on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday matchday, so you can jump in throughout the week.

To play, simply predict the answer for each of the questions and click Submit to lock in your picks. All picks must be made before the designated lock period in the round.

Once the matches are complete, come back to the game to see how you did. If you got all predictions correct, you could win tickets to a 2024 MLS Match. Please note that each player can only win a weekly prize once per year and there is a maximum of (1) winner per round. In the event that more than (1) fan wins in a given round, a winner will be chosen randomly from the pool of all perfect entries that week to receive the prize for that round.

This game has no private leagues but will track your cumulative number of correct picks and pick % through the season so you can see how you’re doing overall.

For the Grand Prize, each correct answer from the weekly rounds will equal 10 points. At the end of the year, the player with the most points will win a VIP Experience to the 2024 MLS Cup Finals. In the event that more than (1) fan ties for most points at the end of the season, a winner will be chosen randomly from the pool of players with the most points. Each round you play during the season gives you the chance to win more points, so come back each week to make your picks! An MLS Account is required to be considered for the Grand Prize.

All players who 1) have an MLS Account and 2) participate in (3) or more rounds by May 25th , 2024, will be entered into the MLS Pick’em Sweepstakes. One player from that pool will be randomly selected to win a 2024 MLS All Star Game VIP Experience. So don’t forget to get your picks in early and often!

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