Trump trial live updates: ‘Don’t flip,’ Cohen testifies Trump said

Michael Cohen testified about the fallout from his work for Trump, telling the jury he is no longer a lawyer.

“I lost my law license as a direct result of this,” he said.

He said he wrote his book, “Disloyal,” to “pass the time” in prison, then wrote his second book, “Revenge,” which he described as a “forensic dissection of the prosecution … against a critic of the president.”

The jury then saw a 2023 social media post by Donald Trump about “convicted liar and felon” Michael Cohen.

Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger questioned Cohen about Trump suing him in Florida for half a billion dollars — and for the first time in a while, Trump, at the defense table, opened his eyes, took notes, and passed them to his attorney Todd Blanche.

Cohen told the jury that he regrets what he did for Trump.

“I regret doing things for him that I should not have. Lying. Bullying people in order to effectuate a goal,” Cohen said. “I don’t regret working with the Trump Organization, as I expressed before some very interesting great times.”

“But to keep the loyalty and do things that he had asked me to do — I violated my moral compass, and I suffered the penalty, as has my family,” Cohen said.

Trump appeared to have his eyes closed for the majority of Cohen’s last answer. The prosecution completed its direct examination of Cohen, and the court recessed the lunch.

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