Unraveling the mystery of Michael Venom Page’s stomach scar

blur-reality.com – Ahead of his UFC debut next month, Michael Venom Page is getting a lot of attention as MMA enthusiasts are curious about the mystery behind the scar on his stomach. Well, here’s everything you need to know.

Michael Venom page has been making waves in the MMA world since being signed to fight for the UFC in December 2023. With an impressive professional record of 21-2-0, he is all set to make his UFC debut on March 10 against Kevin Holland.

Meanwhile, we recently discovered that many people have noticed that he has a quite visible scar on his stomach and want to know how he got it. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Exposing the Reason Behind Michael Venom Page’s Scar on His Stomach!

Michael Venom page (@michaelvenompage) is making a name for himself in the MMA world and is all set to make his UFC debut in the coming month. While most people are busy discussing his fighting skills and MMA recordsome of his fans have noticed that he has a visible scar on his stomach.

If you look at his shirtless photos, you can clearly see that he has a horizontal scar on his stomach. Although the scar is sometimes invisible, it can easily attract attention as soon as you see it. It clearly doesn’t look like his birthmark.

As a professional fighter, it is normal to suffer various injuries, undergo multiple surgeries or even develop permanent scars. However, if you take a closer look at Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s stomach scar, you might feel like he’s been stabbed by a knife before. What adds fuel to the speculation is that there is no record of him suffering any serious injuries to his abdomen.

As a result, we believe that Page may have been involved in serious, unprofessional fights in the past where he was stabbed or hit by a sharp object that cut through his stomach. On the other hand, there’s a chance he suffered the scar from minor cuts during childhood or adulthood that didn’t involve fighting or stabbing.

However, let’s not forget that Michael ‘Venom’ Page has not commented on his stomach scar. All of the above information is entirely based on our speculations and we are not sure if any of this information contains the truth. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we get strong evidence as to how he got the scar.

A quick look at Michael Venom Page’s road to UFC!

Michael Venom page (aka MVP), the newest high-profile addition to the UFC roster, is poised to make a lot of noise in a short amount of time. The 36-year-old calculating power is preparing for the confrontation Kevin Holland at UFC 299 on March 9, 2024, with his sights set on the welterweight belt.

Speak with TNT Sports on December 21, Michael outlined his ambitions to make a statement on the mixed martial arts world stage:

It always comes down to my ego saying, ‘I can beat everyone out there, there’s not one person who can beat me. That’s what my ego says to me.

Despite Page being new to the UFC, he already is spoken about his views on some controversial issues. During the UFC 296 press conference on December 16 Colby Covington caused outrage in the media by criticizing Leon Edwardslate father. “Chaos” weaponization of dead parents as “trash talk” caught the attention of Paige, who openly opposed that level of promotion. He explained,

I hate what I’ve seen in martial arts so far. I don’t like people talking about people’s fathers, people’s girlfriends, people’s children, and all that kind of stuff. We need to get back to the martial arts

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