Zeeko Zaki Ethnicity: Mixed Egyptian, Age, Biography, Net Worth, Family

Zeeko Zaki

Zeeko Zaki is an Egyptian-born American actor best known for his role as Special Agent Omar Adom “OA” Zidan in Dick Wolf’s FBI. During his freshman year of high school, the actor realized his passion for acting while appearing in a Seussical performance at Unionville High School. Before landing regular roles as antagonists in Six and 24: Legacy, he appeared in several films and television series. Similarly, the actor appeared as Sergeant Matt Darzi in Valor, and he has made smaller cameos in Homeland, Allegiant, The Game and others. Zaki’s magnetic personality and genuine love for his career have earned him a worldwide fan base.

Zeeko Zaki ethnicity

Known for his captivating performances, Zeeko Zaki is of mixed descent, with Egyptian, Syrian and Turkish descent. Zeeko Zaki’s background contributes to his distinct and varied point of view; he is an Egyptian-born American. The actor was born in Egypt, but moved to the United States when he was one month old. He grew up primarily in West Chester, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. His dedication to breaking down prejudices about Arab Americans becomes evident when he joins CBS to develop positive representation of an Arab-American lead character in a famous prime-time television series. After all, media representation is crucial for challenging stereotypes and promoting a better understanding of other cultures and communities.

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