Who is Paolo Canevari, Marina Abramovic’s second husband?

Marina Abramović, the influential Serbian conceptual and performance artist, has not only made waves in the art world with her groundbreaking works, but has also traversed the realms of personal relationships, including her second marriage to Italian contemporary artist Paolo Canevari.

Abramović and Canevari’s meeting took place in the culturally rich city of Venice and set the stage for a union that would become her second marriage.

Paolo Canevari, an Italian sculptor, brought his unique artistic perspective to the relationship, forming a dynamic partnership with Abramović. Despite their shared passion for art, their twelve-year relationship ultimately ended on a defiant note.

After their union, Abramović and Canevari decided to make New York their home and immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant arts scene. During this period, Abramović experienced a wave of success, which brought with it the hallmarks of a designer lifestyle – from clothes to friends and much more.

Their marriage, which lasted from 2005 to 2009, was an important chapter in Abramović’s personal journey. While the relationship ended, the impact of their artistic collaboration and shared experiences in the art world lingered.

Currently living and working in New York City, Paolo Canevari has carved a niche for himself in the contemporary art scene. His works often feature highly recognizable and everyday symbols, commenting on concepts ranging from religion to urban myths about happiness, as well as the fundamental principles underlying creation and destruction.

Canevari’s artistic approach, like Abramović’s, invites viewers to engage with the profound messages embedded in seemingly familiar symbols. His work serves as a reflection on societal norms and challenges perceptions of everyday life.

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